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Action Ball 2

The title says it all. Mac arcade Action Ball 2 is filled with action packed fun in an outer space themed brick busting shooter play. It has a pinball vibe to it with the different obstacles and bumpers. There are plenty of bonuses falling down for you to collect and use.

The play is your typical breakout arcade game where your space ship moves back and forth at the bottom of the screen shooting the space aliens while breaking the bricks. The great part of this play is the bonuses. There are many to collect. Unfortunately, if you are not fast enough, they will pass you by and you will miss out on some fantastic power ups like bigger paddles in front of the ship to hit the ball back, power ball will destroy some of the obstacles that the regular orb bounced off of, the reflector will not let balls fall, and more. However not all the bonuses are good. One in particular will shrink your ball making it more difficult to hit. Not only are you trying to break up the galactic barriers, but in addition, you must destroy the robotic space vehicles flying around the zone. If you destroy 25 of these space ships you can earn another life. (more…)

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All fans of Professor Fizzwizzle and breakout Mac games will definitely enjoy Fizzball. Initially it looks simple with bright and colorful cartoon characters for children, but this brick busting play will get challenging for all gamers as it goes along.

There is a mystery on a group of islands where all the humans have disappeared and left the animals to fend for themselves. Professor Fizzwizzle with his genius inventions comes to the rescue. He uses the Fizzball to encapsulate the animals and puts them in a sanctuary until the mystery can be solved. The play is simply to shoot the bubble towards the animals to catch them. If an animal is too large for the bubble, it will bounce off the livestock such as a cow or horse startling or maybe annoying them. When the size of the bubble increases them the bubble will engulf the animal. (more…)