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Magic Stones

Magic Stones is a well planned and thought out RPG and card Mac game.  The mixture of this game makes it unique from straight RPG games. It is based on Celtic mythology that in itself is captivating and intriguing.

This game is set in Avavorn, the land of many druids.  There are hidden treasures in the unlikeliest places like abandoned temples, enchanted forests, cursed islands.  These valuables can be anything from magic formulas, amulets to runes. Each object will increase your druid’s power and experience. (more…)

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Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers is a classic novel and now a RPG Mac game. The play starts with d’ Artagnan leaving home to pursue a life as a Three Musketeers. He travels to Paris to begin his training. He has a letter of introduction to Monsieur de Treville but it is taken from him during a scuttle with a rogue.

The game is to follow the yellow footprints for d’ Artagnan’s quests. You can veer off the yellow prints to search barrels and crates for loot and mana for health. The story is moved along in conversations and cartoon strips. You duel with just about everyone who challenges  you. The main thing to remember when dueling is to wait to see your opponent sweat and then take them down. D’ Artagnan’s father had told him to never sell the horse he gave him, but to get money and avoid embarrassment (the horse is a different color than most horses) d’Artagnan sells it right away. (more…)

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Gunslinger Solitaire

If you like solitaire, cowboys and Indians, and funny cartoons, you’ll like Mac card game Gunslinger Solitaire. The cursor is a gun and your click shoots the weapon. Bang!

The object is to clear the screen of all the cards by shooting a card 1 lower or 1 higher than the card below. If the deck card faced up is a 4, then you look for a 3 or a 5 card on the game board. If you do not have either card, then click or shoot the deck faced down to deal another card. Making multiple matches will give you more points. Some of the cards will have bonus games like shoot the bags of money, aim your bow and shoot the target and more to break up your basic solitaire game. Some of the games will have you reloading your gun when you run out of bullets. Just click on the red reload button to continue on your game. These games will gain you more money to use at the country store for helps like the undo knife. (more…)

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Big Deck Solitaire

It’s been one hectic year for Mac gaming, but luckily before the year’s end, here’s one game that’s an encouraging sign that life is good. Big Deck Solitaire is classic solitaire that most everyone is familiar with. This version has been simplified for easy access to the game. There are no bells or whistles to distract your concentration and relaxation, which is a welcome relief to some card gamers. It is your basic bare bones solitaire game with a few choices, stats and clear explanations to teach new players. Veteran gamers can review rules if necessary. So, be prepared to loosen your collar, get into your sweats and unwind your head full of noise.

There are six different games to choose from: Klondike, which is probably the solitaire game practically everyone plays, (two variations of Klondike are included), Free Cell, Spider (one suit), Spider (two suits), and Spider (four suits). The Klondike game has seven tableau piles with the top card only facing up. (more…)

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Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts: A Soldier’s Duty is a very dramatic title for an equally gripping tale. It is a hidden object Mac game with solitaire card games to unlock.

The story begins with recently married couple, Maria and David Fox. They are experiencing discontent and growing apart from each other and are at odds with each other for unknown reasons. Further obstacle to perpetuate this unfortunate relationship is David going off to war. The life of an army wife is too much for an already unhappy marriage and what happens to Maria is the story that follows her once blissful life. (more…)