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Dragon Keeper

So you are a brave prince on your way to marry your beautiful princess when an evil, ugly witch stops all your future endeavors. Who knows why someone would curse your beloved and the castle in order to stop you from marrying? Maybe she is interested in you and wants to be your mate? In any event, you are not going to take it anymore and you go to the dragon’s lair to see if they could help you defeat the wicked witch. Who knew dragons are so helpful? It is the year of the dragon so maybe they are willing to assist you in your quest to recover your princess.

Before the dragon can help you with this, you must help the dragons raise their own “clutch”. You take on this task by clicking repeatedly on an egg to hatch, when the adorable baby dragon emerges, you must take care of it by feeding and collecting their gems. Yes, baby dragons poop out jewels. Hooray! No dirty diapers to change. Click on the gem to collect because the main dragon will give you your goals to collect a number of jewels. These gems can, in turn, be forged into magical jewelry (necklaces, rings) to sell for gold dragon coins. (more…)

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Eco Match

Education is the name of the game in Eco Match a colorful and fun match 3 game. The planet is dying from air pollution, deforestation and more. This is not just a children’s game but a forecast for what is happening to our earth now and what it will become in the near future.  Only you as the director for World S.A.F.E organization can restore the world to its once beautiful and pristine place for all species to live happily.

As the leader of this remarkable coalition you must travel world-wide to clean the air polluted atmosphere from industries, cars, and machines. In addition, you must reforest the devastated areas and return the balance back in the jungles. As you succeed in all these projects, you will, in turn, help save the endangered species. Also recycle factories are important to meet goals. You will take one step at a time in 7 continents with 15 levels each. After completing 10 missions, you can go on to another continent. (more…)

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Cats Inc.

Cat lovers rejoice! Here’s a Mac platform puzzler with 3 mischievous cats that get into everything and everywhere. Figure out how to get these 3 cats pass the obstacles and get the scrumptious sausages in this fun physics based game.

You use the 3 cats with 3 different skills to overcome the many different blocks. The goal is to get all the sausages by getting one of the cats to jump and snag one of these delectable treats. The cats’ faces are at the top left of the screen. When you click on one of them, you can use your arrow keys to make that particular felinemove about. The right and left keys move the cats horizontally and the up arrow makes them jump. The yellow fat cat can muscle his way through most barriers like boxes, walls and more. The blue sleek cat jumps high but has problems getting through low spaces. The red kitten can go through these areas because of its size. Alternate the cats and you can succeed in getting the plumb brown sausages and get to the exit. All 3 cats must reach the exit to end the level. (more…)

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Ladybugs is a Mac game for very young children. You will have a lot of fun with your little toddler “working” on the computer. There is much opportunity here to teach your child the basics of the keyboard and mouse and have loads of entertainment as well.

There are short instructions where you can practice reading letters and words with your child. The white letters outlined in black make it easier to clearly see and read out loud, however it would have been more age appropriate with block lettering. Very young kids are able to learn so much it’s almost unbelievable. They can learn their letters and words if given a chance, enough instruction and patience on your part. (more…)

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Dragon Hatchery

A match 3 and sim time management game in one, Mac Dragon Hatchery combines the 2 in a fun and lively game for both kids and adults. Raise baby dragons to nobly regain their once powerful and protective position in the world.

Once the land was filled with dragons who wisely guarded the kingdom from evil, but for reasons unknown the dragons perished in the midst of deadly wars. The only survivors are the precious dragon eggs. You are needed to hatch, care for and raise the baby dragons. You begin in the hatchery matching 3 or more of the same color eggs to hatch. Eggs coming down the conveyor are displayed at the upper left corner. You click on the column you would like to place the egg. The eggs will hatch if you make a match of 3 or more of the same color eggs. If you each egg in strategic places, you can make large matches that may contain a dragon or coins. If you open eggs with letters, the word hatchery can be spelled for a huge bonus. (more…)