Dragon Hatchery

A match 3 and sim time management game in one, Mac Dragon Hatchery combines the 2 in a fun and lively game for both kids and adults. Raise baby dragons to nobly regain their once powerful and protective position in the world.

Once the land was filled with dragons who wisely guarded the kingdom from evil, but for reasons unknown the dragons perished in the midst of deadly wars. The only survivors are the precious dragon eggs. You are needed to hatch, care for and raise the baby dragons. You begin in the hatchery matching 3 or more of the same color eggs to hatch. Eggs coming down the conveyor are displayed at the upper left corner. You click on the column you would like to place the egg. The eggs will hatch if you make a match of 3 or more of the same color eggs. If you each egg in strategic places, you can make large matches that may contain a dragon or coins. If you open eggs with letters, the word hatchery can be spelled for a huge bonus.

After hatching you go to the nursery to raise your dragons. The dragon babies will come down the waterway, you click on the hay, drag it to make a nest, click and drag the dragon to the nest. After awhile the baby will need food, water or bathing. Some of the tasks will require more than 1 step to complete like the food. The food must be bought with the gold you earned, click and drag the food to the grind until it is ready for a baby. Click and drag the food to the baby dragon to complete. Sounds easy, right? Wait until you have many baby dragons needing attention. The nursery gets to be wild with one dragon needing water, another food, another a bath and a clean nest. The goals of each level are listed at the bottom and upgrades can be purchased.

Dragon Hatchery with its cute and colorful artwork is entertaining and fun to do. The match play can get confusing at times when you have to quickly maneuver your egg into the right position in a short time. Pick the level you are most comfortable with by clicking on kid, normal or, if you dare, pro. The only thing I didn’t like is not being able to skip the tutorial. If you are up for a challenge, raise your adorable baby dragons for full and happy lives.

Features of Dragon Hatchery:

  • Run Your Own Dragon Nursery
  • Match 3 and Time Management Plays
  • Upgrades
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