Eco Match

Education is the name of the game in Eco Match a colorful and fun match 3 game. The planet is dying from air pollution, deforestation and more. This is not just a children’s game but a forecast for what is happening to our earth now and what it will become in the near future.  Only you as the director for World S.A.F.E organization can restore the world to its once beautiful and pristine place for all species to live happily.

As the leader of this remarkable coalition you must travel world-wide to clean the air polluted atmosphere from industries, cars, and machines. In addition, you must reforest the devastated areas and return the balance back in the jungles. As you succeed in all these projects, you will, in turn, help save the endangered species. Also recycle factories are important to meet goals. You will take one step at a time in 7 continents with 15 levels each. After completing 10 missions, you can go on to another continent.

The levels consist of match 3 of the same items to clear. There are goals set for each level, and each level can be a match 3 like items to clear by one of the 3 methods: swap, drop or flood. At the upper right of the screen will let you know which of these 3 methods you will be playing. You must make matches over tiles or “eco zones” to finish the board. Coins collected can be used on the necessary projects. There is only a timed mode, but you can replay a level after unlocking it. You keep making matches until you fill all your goals at the right of the screen. Once these fill, you proceed to the next level.

There are useful power ups to assist you, and animals will help you on your missions. Jillian, your assistant, is there to guide and offer important data along the way.

Eco Match becomes an addictive match 3 play as you go along. The ecological information dispersed throughout the game is extremely important and useful for teachers, children and all beings who are into saving the planet. However, if you are a gamer wanting to play match 3 games, Eco Match will meet your needs. Some of the levels are easy, but some are a bit challenging and you may need those power ups. Have fun bringing back devastated forests and saving the endangered animals in an atmosphere of clean breathable oxygen.

Features of Eco Match:

  • Over 100 Levels
  • Swap, Drop and Flood Match Plays
  • Power Ups
  • Save the Animals
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