All fans of Professor Fizzwizzle and breakout Mac games will definitely enjoy Fizzball. Initially it looks simple with bright and colorful cartoon characters for children, but this brick busting play will get challenging for all gamers as it goes along.

There is a mystery on a group of islands where all the humans have disappeared and left the animals to fend for themselves. Professor Fizzwizzle with his genius inventions comes to the rescue. He uses the Fizzball to encapsulate the animals and puts them in a sanctuary until the mystery can be solved. The play is simply to shoot the bubble towards the animals to catch them. If an animal is too large for the bubble, it will bounce off the livestock such as a cow or horse startling or maybe annoying them. When the size of the bubble increases them the bubble will engulf the animal. In between getting the animals, the ball will break whatever is in its path. Some of the broken items will have surprise bonuses. The coins collected will go towards feed for the animals. The professor is at the bottom of the screen, and you move him back and forth bouncing the bubble of animals back to capture the rest of the creatures. After catching all the animals, including the birds, you finish the level and move on to the next island location. The change of locations brings about many funny scenes and surprises.

In order to keep the game entertaining obstacles are added to bring interest into your play. They could be more fences, trees, bales of hay, shooting Martians and more. Your job is to avoid getting shot at, break through the blocks and bounce the bubble off the Fizzball. The animal sanctuary will show you all the animals the professor has saved, and there is a section for all the trophies you have collected through the levels.

Fizzball is a great balance between the island story and breakout game. It also accounts for experienced gamers and kids in order to keep frustration levels down to adequately play a brick busting game both simple and challenging. This game has everything you need for an exciting fun experience, and you will not be able to put it down. Help the good professor rescue the island animals and find the answer to the island mystery.

Features of Fizzball:

  • More Than 180 Levels
  • 40 Bonus Levels
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