Great Migration

Mac line drawing game Great Migration is based on the National Geographic’s show by the same name. It’s amazing how far animals and insects will travel each year in huge numbers risking their lives to get to their destination. This is the premise of this game. Your job is to take your “herd” to the green safe zone avoiding the deadly predators who will make a meal out of your migrants.

Initially choose the mode you would like to play from Migration, Survival and Field Guide. In addition, National Geographic offers several different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Crazy. To play this game you lead your migrants by clicking on a Monarch butterfly (this is the first insect you must guide). The butterfly will turn yellow designating it as the leader. In order to get your group to follow this yellow butterfly, you must circle around to attract others to follow. It took me a few tries to determine the best way to get followers. Circle around the entrance where the other butterflies appear, gather 10 butterflies and then draw a line from the yellow leader to the green safe area on the other side of the screen. The trick is to avoid predators like the praying mantis, ants, and birds. When you think you have found a good path to take, a predator will figure out your strategy and foil your every move. When this happens, click again on the leader and change the course or your butterflies will get eaten. There are 4 waves for each leg of the journey. As you go higher in each level, the predators will increase. When you thought you only have to deal with the ground insects, birds are added to the mix making your crossing even more difficult.

However, there are some helps along the way as well. The wind will help carry your migrants quickly through the deadliest areas. There will be clouds to shield your passageway from the predators. Also helpers will aid you when you need them. The Speed helper will increase the speed of a butterfly that may be near a predator. The Heal helper will repair butterflies and the Slow helper will make your predator slow and sluggish giving your butterfly a chance to fly by. The helpers will be at the bottom of the screen after you earn them. You click on the one you need and drag it to the screen.

This educational game (it gives a lot of interesting facts about the animals) is not easy. You will need to be smart about guiding your migrants so strategize, change your path if you need and use all the helps to provide a safe haven for your butterflies. The other animals you will be directing to their destinations are the salmon (bears are their enemies), zebra (lions) and the red crab (cars). There are 64 migration routes to follow and guide your migrants to safe green zones. This is not an action packed play but more of a thinking one. The artwork is simple and the music ominous. Try it out and see if you can successfully herd your animals to safety without killing them. I give it a 3 out of 5.

Features of Great Migration:

  • National Geographic Game
  • 64 Migration Routes
  • Facts about Animals
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