Haunted Legends

Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades is a Mac hidden object adventure. It has your customary haunted mansion, crazy contessa, enchanted playing cards, murdered people, vicious gnome and a lot of objects to look for, obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve. You might think if you’ve done one, you’ve done them all, but it’s not the case with this game.

Decide which mode you would like to play: Regular with sparkles for Hidden Object games and fast recharging for hint and skip buttons or pick Expert for no sparkles and longer recharging time. You are an inspector sent to this small town where the local police are too frightened to investigate the case and one of their own police officer has disappeared behind the mansion doors. It is said, and the townspeople believe, that the Contessa that lived in this manor found enchanted playing cards and has the power to make anyone rich and powerful. One young woman, Verna Douleur, was enticed enough to try and get this magic for herself, but she died a ghastly death. There are dead bodies you will need to investigate but it isn’t really gruesome. You will need to point and click around scenes to pick up items needed for later use or zoom in and investigate further. During your search, look for playing cards. You’ll need to find the entire deck, 52 cards. If you want to view your found cards, click on the card icon at the bottom left of the screen.

When you see sparkles (or in the expert mode you will need to search for these areas), click on them to open up the hidden object game. You may need to interact with the scene in order to be able to click on the object. The scenes are all very clear and you will not have any trouble finding the items. If you cannot find an object, click on the hint button for help. It will take a few seconds to recharge for the regular mode and longer for the expert mode. You will go back to the same HOG to play that area again. Most of the puzzles are unlocking things from safes, doors and other things. You may need to find keys or mechanical parts like a handle, gear, wires or slide to complete the puzzle before you can actually try to solve it. Most of these are simple enough to solve but if you want to skip them, you may. The point and click adventure part of the game is fun to do. You will need to search for things you will need later in the games. Most items in your inventory will be fairly obvious where you will be able to use them, but there’s so many things, you may forget. The game will let you know when you are using an item in the wrong area. There is a diary at the bottom right to help you with some of the clues and important things.

So even though the story is typical of these types of games, Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades is still interesting to play, the artwork is good, music unusual but it works and there are many items for you to point and click your way through this adventure. The adventure to puzzle ratio is balanced and the length of the game is good. Just catch that scary gnome and find the answers to all the murders.

Features of Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades:

  • Interesting Story and Fun Adventure
  • Hidden Objects and Mini Puzzles
  • Good Artwork and Great Music
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