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Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe

Chinese mahjong has been around for thousands of years without much change to its play and look until now. Changing a classic game is a tricky and not always a successful transition, however Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe has updated this ancient game without losing its’ addictive appeal, calming effect and beautiful tiles. Its improvement of the 3D twist and cubed tiles are interesting additions to a play that has been done on a flat surface with flat tiles for ages.

The first difference you notice about this game is that the tiles are cubes and you can rotate the blocks so you can see from different angles. By pressing the arrows on either side of the screen, you are able to see behind or the sides of the cubes. You need to do so because you get more options for matches. The rotating mechanisms will get easier as you use them. You need to match 2 of the similar cubes to clear them from the board. The cubes you click on must have 3 sides free to make a match. After clearing your board, you proceed to the next puzzle. (more…)

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Mahjong Adventures

My first thought when I opened this game was oh, no another Mahjong game but when I got into the play, the game got interesting. This game will take you to 18 world locations and at each place you will find interesting and fun facts about that site. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about the world?

Mahjong Adventures has 3 modes you can choose from and play the way you want. In Classic you customize features to play what you like, Layout you can design your own game and in Adventure you play the story. The story is about an eccentric uncle’s prized treasure. If you go to each of the 18 sites and uncover two golden tiles buried in each puzzle, you can reveal the treasure. (more…)