Mahjong Adventures

My first thought when I opened this game was oh, no another Mahjong game but when I got into the play, the game got interesting. This game will take you to 18 world locations and at each place you will find interesting and fun facts about that site. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about the world?

Mahjong Adventures has 3 modes you can choose from and play the way you want. In Classic you customize features to play what you like, Layout you can design your own game and in Adventure you play the story. The story is about an eccentric uncle’s prized treasure. If you go to each of the 18 sites and uncover two golden tiles buried in each puzzle, you can reveal the treasure.

There’s a journal full of fun facts about each location. You travel to each place to collect all the golden tiles. The map will show you where you will go next. Starting from Hawaii go to each exotic isle and play with tiles with pineapples, dolphins, palm trees and more. My favorite tiles are the yoga poses in San Francisco. I bet you can find your favorite spot with their own original tiles. In New York City it will take you to the subways and the Statue of Liberty.

The play is simple. Match 2 identical or similar themed tiles such as winter and summer to clear the board. If a tile is playable, when you place your cursor over the tile, it will have a yellow frame around it making matches easy and simple to do. Once you uncover the golden tiles, you can match the 2 and the level is complete. If you have problems making a good match, there’s an Undo, Hint, Restart, Shuffle button at the bottom to use. It’ll give you stats on how you do but it is not timed. The only time you’ll get is how long it takes you to complete the level.

Mahjong Adventures is an addictive and relaxing matching game with colorful tiles specific to each location like the New York tiles with taxis and subway signs to San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge. Also included at every site is your journal with facts about each place. There are many Mahjong games to choose from and many use the Chinese characters that you must decipher. The play is about the same so why not choose Mahjong Adventures with its fantastic tiles you can relate to with its many location specific tiles? Play Mahjong Adventures and get uncle’s treasure!

Features of Mahjong Adventures:

  • Original Fun Tiles
  • World Locations
  • Interesting Facts about each Site
  • Find the Fantastic Treasure
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