10 Best Survival Games to Test Your Beat-the-Odds Skills

10 Best Survival Games to Test Your Beat-the-Odds Skills on Blog

The Steam charts are filled with a multitude of survival games. Video gaming fans seem to adore them. It’s only natural — surviving against all odds is encoded into our genes, so understanding the overall appeal for video games of this genre is rather easy. Pushing players to their limits and challenging them to come up with their own unique solutions, the best survival games of today are well worth looking into.

10 Best Survival Horror Games You Should Play Today

Can’t get enough of survival video games and always want more? We’ve got you covered. At Questgamesworld.com, we’ve boiled survival horror games down to the list of ten best titles of the survival genre. Read on to learn more, pick the best survival-simulation game to your taste, and make the best out of its thrilling, realistic gameplay. We’ll be refreshing this list in the future, so make sure you save our blog to keep tabs on the updates.

Subnautica: Hours of Underwater Fun & a Must-Play!

Subnautica screenshot

Subnautica is a fantastic action-packed open-world building/survival game released in 2018. In the game, your ship crash landed on an alien planet, and you’re the only survivor. While playing Subnautica, you do your best to survive in an alien ocean filled with mystery and danger. The game takes a little bit of getting used to, that’s true. But once you get to grips with the gameplay, you will be totally hooked. You will build, swim, find various items, and explore the immense underwater world. 

Everything in Subnautica will take your breath away, including its superb ocean visuals, exciting mechanics, awesome sound design, great music, overall creativity, and, of course, the gameplay. There are so many nooks and crannies to discover in this free-roam survival horror game… If you like to explore a new world, Subnautica is the perfect game for you. It’s immersive, engaging, and definitely worth every cent it costs. 

Conan Exiles: Brilliant Graphics & Smooth Performance

Conan Exiles screenshot

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival/crafting video game that’s also a great tribute to Robert E. Howard's Conan universe. If you’re into the Conan movies, books, and games, then you’ll definitely fancy this title as well. At the initial stages of the game, you appear stark naked and left with nothing. In order to survive, you need to build shelter, get food and water, and begin crafting.

The Conan Exiles game has a lot to offer. It is a stunning title graphics-wise, and it flaunts a huge world to explore. Even though there’s a slight learning curve to the game, on the whole, the gameplay is intuitive and immersive. Just like most top-of-the-line survival games, the multiplayer experience of Conan Exiles forms close bonds among gamers. There’s definitely something about the world of Conan that will keep drawing you in... 

Rust: ‘Adult Minecraft’ with Guns

Rust screenshot

Rust comes with one of the harshest, brutal, and intense survival gaming experiences on the scene. You will be starving, extremely thirsty, and cold. To survive, you’re going to need to build a shelter, protect yourself from other players… and kill them for food. As a matter of fact, waking up alone and naked, running for your life, and doing horrible things to other players is the core of the gameplay.

To cut a long story short, while playing the game, you will do everything you possibly can to survive in the wilderness. Similar to DayZ, the game feels like survival to both the environment and the people. Rust is multiplayer-only and i.e. best played with friends. Rust is not flawless, but definitely worth giving a shot. And the price is reasonable.

The Forest: Polished Horror Survival Game

The forest screenshot

Released in 2018, The Forest game boasts one of the smartest takes on the horror/survival genre in a long time. In this story-rich sandbox title, you take on the role of the sole survivor of a passenger jet crash that lands on a forested island fighting to survive against a clan of cannibalistic mutants. The game has a crafting/exploration aspect to it, as well as features splendid customization opportunities.

The Forest will please you with its splendid graphics, great concept, strong storyline, and overall gameplay profoundness. This white-knuckled survival horror game is truly spine-chilling, yet awesomely rewarding. Each death within the gameplay will teach you an important lesson. Each major event is highly thought-provoking. In addition to this, The Forest will satisfy your hunger for realistic survival games. 

Outward: Survival RPG Filled with Challenge

Outward screenshot

Outward is an open-world old-school fantasy RPG that features multiple survival elements. There is no fast travel, no map with your whereabouts either. In other words, no one’s going to hold your hand throughout the game, so you’re going to need to learn to navigate on your own. 

In a way, Outward is similar to the Gothic and Risen series combined with Dark Souls. The foes are challenging, and so is the combat system. Overall, the game celebrates the journey, not the destination. So if you have an itch for a hardcore survival RPG filled with fighting, crafting, exploring, questing, and surviving, you’re welcome to satisfy it by giving the Outward game a whirl.

Astroneer: Fun Multiplayer & Top-Notch Graphics

Astroneer screenshot

Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game, a survival space simulator where you will enjoy exploring and remodeling outer space with its unexplored alien planets. Excellent graphics, fun exploration, fairly challenging, tons of content — literally everything about this game will tickle your fancy. 

The edgy, simple and clean style of the game is also very appealing. Note that Astroneer is best to explore with friends. So if you’re craving that independent adventurer feeling alongside a mixture of crafting and survival aspects, the Astroneer game is a must-buy for sure!  

Darkwood: You, Your Fear, and the Dark Endless Forest


When Darkwood was first launched in early access five years ago, it was promising yet very buggy and overall imperfect. The Darkwood game of today is an entirely new immersively unique and goosebumps-inducing survival horror RPG that features an environment where everything is against you. The sound effects are especially frightening.

In Darkwood, you will always have difficulty guessing what’s going to happen next. Bringing you to a state of primal fear, the game will keep you gripped from the beginning until the end. The game is a truly unique take on the survival indie horror genre. Superb crafting aspect, tense atmosphere, and impeccable sound design are what we’ve enjoyed the most about Darkwood. 

ARK Survival Evolved: Open-World Survival Game with Dinosaurs

ARK Survival Evolved image

Ark: Survival Evolved is an enjoyable action-adventure survival game where you will find yourself stranded naked, cold, and hungry on the shores of an unknown dinosaur-filled peninsula called ARK. In order to survive in an extremely hostile environment the game creates, you will have to hunt, gather resources, engage in crafting, growing crops, and building shelters.

Ark will amaze you, just as much as it will frustrate you. But in the long run, the game will leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction. In this awesomely challenging mix-of-Minecraft-and-Jurassic-Parc of a game, you will tame dinosaurs, create modern items, collect materials, build yourself a base, and have the time of your life. Highly recommended.

The Long Dark: Surviving in the Canadian Wilderness

The Long Dark image

The Long Dark is a first-person exploration-survival gaming experience that drops you in the middle of the frosty and snowy Canadian post-apocalyptic wilderlands where the nature is cruel and the wolves are hungry. When trying the game for the first time, you will need to understand how to survive. The fact that surviving is really hard, makes you feel restlessly anxious — such a realistic experience!

The Long Dark game is dark, hauntingly atmospheric, and challenging. There’s loads of fun to be had while playing the game. You will salvage, steal, hunt, kill, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself warm and safe from the wolves. Graphics-wise, the title is a pleasure to make the most of. On the whole, the Long Dark game puts you in your character’s shoes up to the point when your feet get cold playing it. 

Stranded Deep: Incredibly Fun and Seriously Addictive

Stranded Deep screenshot

If you love a solid survival challenge, this title is just the ticket. Stranded Deep is an open-world survival video game where you play as a plane crash survivor attempting to make it on your own somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Throughout the gameplay, you will build, craft, swim, cook, fish, sail to various islands, explore shipwrecks, as well as ride whales, chase and kill sharks. The underwater world the game comes with is one-of-a-kind.

Even if you have a low-spec PC, this visually gorgeous game will play smoothly on it. Sometimes the Stranded Deep game gets so realistic and intense that it almost feels like a horror title. On the whole, Stranded Deep is an exciting and creative game that comes with a lot of potential. So if you’re up for trying Stranded Deep download the game and put it through its paces today. No doubt, Stranded Deep is a keeper.

The Toughest Survival Games Out There: Can You Handle Them?

So, below, we’ve shared our all-time-favorite survival games of today. Most of them are cruel, harsh, creepy realistic, and scary. They make you learn how to survive against all odds in extremely hostile environments, starting off with nothing but fists, and the desperate will to live. Most survival games incorporate the aspects of exploration and crafting, while some of them feature really vivid elements of horror. 

So if you’re eager to see how you will handle yourself in a dynamic survival game, but find the choice overwhelming, you’re welcome to take your pick among the titles we’ve published above. Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for more updates, Stranded Deep cheat tables and other game hacks, as well as the latest survival game news and reviews. Join the discussion below if you have anything to say about your favorite survival horror titles.

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