10 Cute Indie Horror Games That Will Scare You

10 Cute Indie Horror Games That Will Scare You on Blog

All people fear different things. While some will start screaming if you show them a spider, the others will give everything to lit the light in a dark room. This time we decided to explore the cute horror game phenomenon. Here are 10 cutest horror games that will trick you by the illusion of security.

Fran Bow – The Best of Grotesque Games

Fran Bow screenshot

Well, the eyes of the main heroine are actually very creepy and unequivocally say that you have to prepare for something. And you really have to. Fran Bow is a story about a young girl named Fran. Her parents are gone because of a terrible accident. When the girl was unconscious, medical service transported her to Oswald Asylum, where she would be isolated from the normal world. Without thinking for too long, Fran decides to escape the clinic to find her black cat and her only alive relative, which is her aunt. 

Fran Bow is stunning and spooky at the same time. The story of a miserable but brave girl covered in such a grotesque art style will make shivers go down your spine quite often. There are no screamers or totally disgusting scenes. It’s more about psychological pressure that brings up dreary memories about childhood and makes you emphasize Fran’s grief. 

Fran Bow walkthrough won’t take a lot of time, but it’s so full of detail, and every scene here is a piece of art. We recommend you to download Fran Bow if you’re into mysterious psychological horror. Your journey will be difficult and full of doom. 

Among The Sleep – Come Here Little Teddybear!

Among The Sleep screenshot

Among The Sleep horror game plays with your deep childhood fears. If you think that darkness and the feeling of someone’s presence are in the past, you’re wrong. They live far away from your consciousness, and Among The Sleep can bring them up. 

It’s the story of a 2-year-old toddler boy who received a Teddy bear toy as a present. How fun it was! He played with his new friend the whole day through, exploring the house until the boy’s mother came to put him to bed. A few hours later, he wakes up and finds himself alone in the big dark house. Everything looks like a realistic nightmare, but there’s no way to wake up. 

The feeling that something went wrong is so strong that you will turn your head around all the time, feeling like something is watching you from the dark corners of the house. Moreover, you will see strange creepy shadows here and there and go white when something suddenly falls nearby. With all these scary conditions, you have to explore the house to find Teddy and the mother. It will be a tough challenge for your nerves! Think that you’re a tiny 2-year-old human who can’t run fast or fight anyone, and it gets even scarier. 

Duck Season – Best Horror Game for VR

Duck Season screenshot

It looks like Duck Season was inspired by the 80s hit Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System. At least the dog and the boy’s console look very familiar. You play as a young boy who loves video games. Parents give him a new game that doesn’t presage anything wrong. It’s an ordinary duck hunt simulator with nice graphics, but soon the hunter’s dog starts to behave really weird. 

The strength of psychedelic visuals goes higher and higher as you progress and ends up in total chaos of mad images and psycho-terror. If you’re ready to pull your head into a VR helmet and become a part of this madness, take care! 

Irisu Syndrome – Mysterious J-Horror

Irisu Syndrome screenshot

Can you imagine a scary puzzle game? We couldn’t do that either, but Irisu Syndrome developers from Japan appeared to be more inventive. You won’t notice anything wrong from the first minutes of playing the game. It looks like another Japanese graphic novel with puzzles. 

The storyline follows a quiet university girl Irisu. One good day she goes to the woods with her friends to have some good time away from the city. While reading cute, friendly dialogues, you will start noticing creepy animals staring at you from the bushes. As usual, the style of Japanese art makes already scary pictures even more frightening. Soon, Irisu’s friends will begin to disappear. You really should try the game to see what happens when she finds herself alone! 

Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea – For RPG Maker Fans

Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea screen

Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea is a unique Japanese story of a sea witch named Wadanohara. The action takes place in the middle of nowhere. You play Wadanohara, who travels back to her underwater home kingdom, but she has a problem. All her memories are gone. It’s impossible to go back home as she doesn’t remember everything, so you have to help. 

Wanadohara’s way home is full of unexpected encounters. She meets her old acquaintances who can help to remember something or try to stop the witch. Despite the cutest art style of all games on our list, Wadonohara And The Great Blue Sea can make you sit deeper in your chair.  

Animal Village – The Cutest Horror WIth Animals

Animal Village screenshot

Animal Village is a charming little game. But it’s only the first impression. You start in a lovely Animal Village settlement that’s full of fluffy and furry pixel-style rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, and other wonderful characters. You have to explore the area and talk to everyone around. Everything goes well until you get into the strange dark pit in the center of the village. 

As you go down into the pit, a weird bloody mess starts to occur. You meet suspicious characters with creepy heads and see walls covered in blood. Fortunately, you have a pistol with a few rounds and a blood meter. You can always talk to the creatures you meet, but it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t try to kill you. 

Error #53 – Causal Medieval Quest

Error #53 screenshot

Just look at the main character! Isn’t this ball-headed guy a charming person? What is more, he’s a real hero of the Kingdom. One day the King sends our protege to save the village’s gold supply and defeat a dangerous villain with his lapdogs. The mission seems to be quite simple for us, and nothing shows signs of a storm coming. 

After a few steps towards the target, you will start seeing horrible scenes and feel followed by weird creatures. Despite the rather buggy gameplay and loads of moments that cannot be explained by logic, Error #53 is a game that can scare you a lot. 

Dreaming Mary – The Most Artistic Title

Dreaming Mary screenshot

Dreaming Mary is a sidescrolling adventure game with elements of a visual novel. You control Mary, who’s a daydreamer. One sunny day, this trait brings her to a fairytale place that looks a lot like some forgotten scenes from her dreams. Moreover, all characters in this universe are happy to see her as if she was their good old friend. 

First, she is surprised by such cheerfulness, but soon she gets accustomed to it. As the game progresses, you will figure out what are the real faces of all Mary’s friends. Being covered into stylish hand-made arts, the game leaves a long-lasting appeal. That’s something even a top-budget movie can fail to do. 

Can Your Pet? – Too Cute to Be True

can your pet screen

Can Your Pet? is a Tamagochi-inspired experience in which you have to look after a sweet baby chick. The first part of the game will teach you how to get strong emotional relations with your animal. You can dress it up, feed, and play several simple mini-games to have fun. Soon enough, you will come across a special button that will explain the real meaning of the game’s title. We won’t spoil the ending, so take your mouse and try it on Steam. It’s one of the shortest games on Earth, but you will remember it forever. 

Doki Doki Literature Club – Dating Sim With a Secret Flavor

Doki Doki Literature Club screen

This dating simulator has quickly become one of the most discussed games in the genre. Traditionally, you are in the role of the MC who can decide what every character should say and do. A classic story brings the main characters together in a literature club for outsiders who didn’t get into any other club of the school. You can romance with 3 of the girls. To reach your goal, you have to study the traits of each character and try to tell them something that could touch their hearts. You will try to make interactive poems and take part in long and detailed dialogues. 

If you manage to complete the first act and the story is exciting enough, get ready that it will change dramatically. At the end of the 1st act, the game begins to look creepy as hell. Now the dialogues are not that cute anymore. Depending on your actions, the game will throw you into various depressing situations. Be careful as it may cause anxiety!

What’s Your Favorite? 

It’s quite hard to say which one of these titles is the best horror game as they all have something special hidden behind the veil of cuteness. Have you already played something from our list? Or maybe you know some other scary indies to add? We’re looking forward to reading your comments below. And don’t forget to share this top list to help your friends pick up a good game for the coming weekend!

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