10 New Battle Royale Games 2019 That Rock

10 New Battle Royale Games 2019 That Rock on Blog

The Battle Royale genre was invented not so long ago in 2017. It has quickly become the most discussed gaming phenomenon. Fortnite alone has attracted over 250 million active players worldwide! Now let’s take a look at the best Battle Royale games of 2019. Some of them were released this year, while the others captured solid positions in charts and kept growing player bases at an impressive pace. 

Apex Legends – Battle Royale for Teams 

Apex Legends screen

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts kept Apex Legends development in the strictest confidence. They decided to launch the new game without any pre-sale marketing campaign, and it led the game to unprecedented success. Apex Legends hit the 25 million players mark within the first week, and it’s still the fastest-growing multiplayer franchise in history. Of course, developers prepared for the release. They recruited the best Twitch streamers to present the game naturally and create an enormous hype wave. However, it’s steady growth goes more to the original gameplay, rather than exquisite advertising. 

Apex Legends free game is based on the universe and basic mechanics of Titanfall 2. Well, you can’t drive giant mechs here, but high-speed battles and cooperation remain on the primary positions. Besides, it took the best features from the best shooter franchises, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six. 

You are offered to select one of 8 characters before the match begins. Each of them has specific traits and skills that show impressive combos when you work in a team. Due to the unique communication system, you can command your squad without a voice chat. It’s convenient to send quick one-button commands and start the real action as soon as possible. Apex Legends is impressively polished and balanced, so it’s a pleasure to play even if you’re new to the universe. 

Fortnite Battle Royale – The Absolute Leader

Fortnite Battle Royale screen

Fortnite Battle Royale is the absolute king of the entire Battle Royale wave. It was released in 2017, a few months after PUBG, and managed to outbid it within a year. You can hate it or love it, but it’s still the most played Battle Royale installment. It’s quickly become one of the most recognizable titles out there due to its vivid cartoony graphics, casual gameplay, and loads of pop-culture references. 

In less than 3 years, Fortnite presented 10 successful seasons and launched the renovated second chapter, let alone numerous collaborations with celebrities and other franchises. We’ve enjoyed virtual converts of Marshmellow, Fortnite skin by Major Lazer, spooky events with Stephen King’s IT, a crossover with Borderlands, and hundreds of other memorable events. It’s a true cultural phenomenon! Besides, Fortnite is a №1 e-sports discipline. Fortnite World Cup 2019 gave away $30 million to winners, which is the second biggest prize fund ever. 

Fortnite gameplay is a lot different from it’s biggest rival, PUBG. It doesn’t focus on realism at all. Instead, it keeps things as casual as possible. You can dress your character like a pinata, shoot bandages to heal teammates, and jump over lakes using trampolines. Isn’t that fun? Try it, and we bet you’ll set a Fortnite Battle Royale wallpaper withing the first week of play!

PUBG – The Originator 

PUBG screen

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that started it all and introduced Battle Royale to players. Its initial success was justified by the lack of competitors, as the title faced multiple issues with severs, laggy gameplay, and development. However, PUBG Corporation solved all troubles and kept its franchise on the 2nd place after Fortnite. This fact gets even more impressive when you get to know that it’s a paid title!

The gameplay of PUBG combines FPS and TPS shooter mechanics. You can switch between the 3rd-person and 1st-person view anytime and make the game look more like Fortnite or Call of Duty. 

Developers tried to make PUBG as close to reality as possible. They were inspired by the 2000s Japanese movie, Battle Royale, in which 100 students had to survive on an island, fighting against each other. The concept exploded the market and gave other developers an idea to create their own versions. That’s how Fortnite and all other games on this list appeared. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout screenshot

Call of Duty is the most successful FPS franchise on the market. Activision and Treyarch used to be trendsetters for the entire genre of linear shooters for over a decade. However, they couldn’t resist the popularity of the new genre and integrated it into the Black Ops series. Although the BR update alone will cost you a small fortune of $40, it offers firm shooting mechanics and flawless gameplay. It’s not the most popular Battle Royale game, but it’s certainly the most realistic and detailed one. 

The mode offers you to take part in an extremely fun mission in a fabulous team of mercenaries. Similarly to Apex Legends, each character has a bunch of unique traits so that you can experience the game from different angles. Blackout also has a standalone storyline that features Viktor Reznov, Frank Woods, Alex Mason, and Raul Menendez. It’s currently one of the most action-packed Battle Royale shooters on the market. It shares this nomination with Apex Legends but offers a completely different experience. 

The game includes the largest map in Call of Duty history. It compounds the best locations from the previous Black Ops installments. The gameplay mechanics include combat on the land, water, and air with the help of various vehicles. Moreover, your enemies are not only real people but AI-driven zombies as well. 

Ring of Elysium – The Best PUBG Alternative

Ring of Elysium screenshot

Ring of Elysium free Battle Royale is developed by the publisher of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games. Like its outstanding predecessor, Ring of Elysium lets you instantly switch between FPS and TPS camera perspectives, and do all other things that PUBG offers. So what’s the difference? 

The game is only at the Early Access stage, but it seems to be much better balanced and debugged than PUBG has ever been. Moreover, it looks almost quite as good as Call of Duty. It introduces an excellent class system and equips you with a basic gun from the start of the deathmatch. 

There are traditional maps that feel a lot like post-soviet villages of PUBG and several new ones. The snow map impressed us with a wide range of vehicles. You can traverse the area on a snowboard or a paraglider. Besides, you can pick up a mountain climbing kit and creep up to your enemies vertically. The Europa City location includes motorbikes and a grappling hook. Tencent’s portfolio in the field includes tones of positive experience, so the game has all chances to become a market leader. It’s just a matter of time. 

Realm Royale – Fortnite With Magic

Realm Royale screen

Realm Royale is a spin-off of the successful fable shooter Paladins. Although the game looks like a fantasy mode for Fortnite, it introduces loads of original content. You can play one of several character classes. As in other BR games, you have to land on a map along with 99 other players and traverse the shrinking area. The roster of vehicles includes motorbikes and funny fantasy creatures. 

Realm Royale is a Phoenix game. Soon after the initial launch and warm reception of gamers, in September 2018, it lost a whopping 98% of the audience. Heroic Leap Games and Hi-Rez Studios didn’t give up and attracted even more players to the updated version. Now it’s available for all major platforms and presents awesome gameplay with on-the-go crafting, funny chicken chases, and other exciting content. 

Maelstrom – It Doesn’t Have Analogs

Maelstrom screenshot

Maelstrom started out as an ambitious Kickstarter campaign with a modest budget. Today it has over 90% of Very Positive marks on Steam. While we can find many similarities in all games from the list, Maelstrom online Battle Royale doesn’t even feature human characters. It offers you to command a ship instead. I this game, you can choose to sail on different ships and hire captains with unique skills. All the battles involve vessels with numerous cannons and dangerous underwater monsters. 

The main combat mechanic is cannon shooting. Due to the proprietary cannonball physics, shooting looks very realistic and requires a lot of effort to damage the target. You always have to consider the enemy’s speed and predict where it will be when the cannonball reaches the place. You can also grapple, ram, and board enemy ships. If you’re looking for the most original Battle Royale, Maelstrom is a great choice. 

Battlerite Royale – MOBA-style Battle Royale 

Battlerite Royale screenshot

While there’s still no DOTA Battle Royale mode, the free Battlerite Royale can make your dreams come true. Developers took the most recognizable features of MOBA games, created a large map, and disabled respawns. As a result, you can play a point-and-click semi-melee, semi-shooter game with isometric camera view. 

If you’ve already looked at the Steam rating of Battlerite Royale, which is slightly over 60%, we have an explanation. For some reason, guys from Hi-Rez Studios decided to distribute Battlerite Royale as a standalone game. That made fans of the original Battlerite game furious because they were pushed to create new accounts. We don’t think that this problem is worth a wave of negative comments. Battlerite Royale is a unique game that adds up a lot of new features to the genre. Unfortunately, Hi-Rez is not the best marketer.

Darwin Project – Chamber Experience

Darwin Project screenshot

Darwin Project is even more original than Maelstrom. Although it has a lot of visual similarities with Fortnite and Realm Royale and a shrinking map, it’s gameplay is totally different. Like true rock-n-rollers, developers from Scavenger Studio did their best to produce a Battle Royale that doesn’t copy any features. 

Ten players enter the battle with axes and bows. Such a medieval setup is mixed with loads of hi-tech devices. For instance, you can enable invisibility and plasma shields. The map in Darwin Project is several times smaller than in any other game and pushes you to think like a strategist. Sometimes it’s better to run away and hide, while other cases require Splinter Cell style takedowns. With only 10 players per match, every frag feels much more rewarding.

There’s also the 11th player in each game that’s named Director. The goal of the Director is to change various conditions fo the match. He or she can enable the voice chat, throw supplies, or even launch a nuclear missile. But don’t worry that Directors will help your enemies. Every player has to put a mark at the end of each match, and the result means how much power they will wield in the next round. That seems to be enough for a fair play.

Dying Light: Bad Blood – Battle Royale With Zombies

Dying Light: Bad Blood screenshot

Dying Light is an iconic zombie survival shooter. It’s created by a legendary Polish team Techland that’s famous for the Call of Juarez series, Hellraid, and Dead Island. Dying Light: Bad Blood mixes the original survival PVE action of the original game with the no-respawn policy of Battle Royale and intense PVP action. 

The firm melee combat of Dying Light will make you breathe heavily like you really have to swing the ax. The gunplay implementation in the game is quite weird, though. The controls are not very responsive, making it hard to shoot accurately. On the other hand, it adds up even more realism to already hardcore gameplay. 

Dying Light: Bad Blood is a kind of game that will make you struggle to survive. It’s still in Steam’s Early Access but looks very promising. It’s highly recommended to all fans of the franchise and those who enjoy hardcore FPS challenges. There’s also a theory that Dying Light: Bad Blood is a soft-launch testing game before the 2020 Dying Light 2 release. 

Choose Your Fighter

As you can see, the market offers so many full-value Battle Royale games, that it’s hard to choose. This genre shows impressive flexibility and the ability to mix with many different classic genres. There are options for fans of TPS, hyper-realistic FPS shooters, strategies, and even MOBAs. Do you have another excellent Battle Royale to suggest? Leave your opinion in comments, and don’t forget to share the article to give your friends an idea of what to play during this weekend.

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