Fortnite Mic Not Working: Tips on Fixing the Voice Chat Error

Fortnite Mic Not Working: Tips on Fixing the Voice Chat Error on Blog

If you’re sick of being unable to voice-chat with your buddies while pillaging Fortnite on your PC, today’s your lucky day. As a matter of fact, tons of Fortnite fans have recently complained about the same voice chat error issue. In this post, we will assist you in fixing the annoying Fortnite mic not working error by providing you with some effective tips, hacks, and solutions. Read on and enjoy fixing the problem. And stop Googling Fortnite reddit for heaven’s sake.

How to Turn On Mic in Fortnite: Try These Solutions

Sign out and Then Sign Back in

This fix is the speediest and most straightforward one. Try logging out of the Fortnite game completely. After that, sign back in. Now, start Fortnite again and put the mic through its paces. If it’s still not working, read on and try other solutions described in this post.

Try Setting Your Microphone as the Default Device

fornite settings screenshot

Because Fortnite’s updates often modify the default devices involved in the gameplay, you might need to manually set your microphone as the default device on your computer to battle the voice chat problem.

These detailed instructions will lead you through the process:

  • Deactivate the Fortnite voice chat. To accomplish that, select the 3 lines at the top right corner of your game settings. After that, click the gear icon for the settings menu to show up. 
  • Right at the top of the screen, click the loudspeaker icon to open your Fortnite audio settings. 
  • Disable the voice chat feature and don’t forget to press Apply.
  • Close the game.
  • Right-click on the volume icon at the bottom right section of your screen. 
  • Head to Sounds. Select the Recording tab. 
  • Indicate the device you want to use. 
  • Select the Set as Default Device option. At this stage, you can try and test your mic by speaking aloud into it. If the microphone is functioning properly, you will see the green bars rising in the settings window.
  • Initiate the Fortnite game again, activate the voice chat in the settings, and check the microphone while playing in a team. If the problem hasn’t been solved, read on and try the next fix we’ve prepared for you.

Get the Latest Version of Your Driver & Update Windows 

windows update screenshot

The problem with the microphone can also be caused by the fact that you’re using an out-of-date or lacking audio driver. Therefore, we recommend that you get the latest version of your audio driver and check your microphone again. You can refresh the version of your audio driver automatically or manually. To do it manually, just head to the audio driver’s official website and upload the necessary version. Make sure it can be utilized with the microphone you use, along with your PC’s operating system.

If you’re not exceptionally computer-savvy and want to save yourself some time, you can update your audio driver in an automated mode, via the Driver Easy tool. That way, you will download the exact driver version your system needs, in an absolutely risk-free manner. To proceed with this, just get the Driver Easy tool, start it, and it will do the rest for you. Then, finalize all the necessary audio driver enhancements. Once you’re done, reload your PC and see if your microphone is working on Fortnite now.  

If you’ve tried it all and resulted in nothing, consider updating your copy of Windows, which, in its turn, will automatically update your audio drivers as well. If you’re not good at it, make sure you ask someone who knows how to check for the Windows updates to help you sort this out.

Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling Fortnite completely might be the solution you need to help you with your voice-chat game bug. While it’s a relatively easy task if you’re playing on mobile and consoles, you’re going to need to go to Epic Game Launcher if you’re dealing with the problem on your computer. Just select Fortnite in your game portfolio and uninstall the game from the Fortnite webpage. After that, install the game again, restart your computer and only then continue trying.

Keep in mind that if all of the solutions provided above bring no success, it’s possible that the Fortnite-mic-not-working bug is related to the fact that your microphone has simply died on you. Yep. This happens. Have your mic checked or try a different one to see if that helps. Good luck!

Fortnite Audio Settings Bug: Have You Ever Experienced It?

Fortnite’s voice chat just stops working for you out of the blue. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone in this problem. There are a few effective solutions to help you fix this error. Make the most of the tips published above and let us know which of them has helped you turn on your mic in Fortnite. Remember to bookmark this page in case you need to share it with a friend. And join the discussion below if you have anything to say about Fortnite Battle Royale!

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