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If you have ever played Draw a Stickman: Epic 2, you know that it is a fascinating title. We should highlight its storybook-like narrative and stunning graphics with vivid colors. It makes you imaginative in creating your own hero and his surroundings in details with the help of touchscreen or correspondent buttons. But the real trick is to solve puzzles using crayons bringing particular abilities.

The game is brief but full of alternatives that is why its replay value is rather high. In other words, everybody likes Draw a Stickman: Epic 2 because there are no similar campaigns under this title — every player has its own version created by himself.

Are there other games that can be compared with this hit? Well, there is not any deep copy, but in this article, we would like to suggest a list of the titles which can deliver a similar experience one way or another. Here we go!

Rusty Lake: Roots

Rusty Lake: Roots game screenshot

It was released in 2016 as a puzzle game. You will definitely find it engrossing with its horrible murder mystery adventure. It is easy to play with a single finger but requires to think a lot to find answers for clues laid in the series of this title. And everything begins at the moment when the main character named James Vanderboom plants some particular seeds in his garden. From now on you will unlock portraits in the tree of his life.


Pikuniku game screenshot

Here is a puzzle game again that can be rather absurd with its strange world where everything is questionable. You will explore various areas full of unusual things and help characters overcome obstacles, find out their secrets, and even initiate a revolution. Playing will not take a lot of your time. You will interact with the environment by kicking, rolling, jumping, and more. The design of this title is very simple but has something of a point and suggests creative ideas. Perhaps, the game does not provide a perfect experience, but still, it is worth your attention.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Eternity: The Last Unicorn game screenshot

Northern Mythology inspires this role-playing game. Thus, you can count on an interesting story. It has classic mechanics. The key character, a young elf, will save the world or, to be exact, he will save the last unicorn to start saving the world. The unicorn is stricken by a curse, and if it dies, the Elves can disappear. Thus, take part in a fascinating quest to free the Unicorn which is able to protect the immortality of Elves.

Dream Alone

Dream Alone game screenshot

This 2D platform game is dark, monochrome, and horrifying. It suggests a rather interesting story, smart challenges, and plenty of complicated traps. Add several characters with particular abilities, and you will get a rather nice puzzle platformer. You will navigate a boy living in a city where people suffer from some strange disease. He is expected to find a cure. The environment is really chilling here because your every move causes the consequences you cannot even imagine. We should say that design is not a strong point of this title, but playing experience is rather fascinating.


Semblance game screenshot

Semblance is a puzzle game. Here you will occur on a wonderful terrain in a beautifully strange world navigating a small blob-ish character, a small blob. The creature is able to jump, move, dash, and do other things to find ways to bend the environment into the shape you like using available elements. They say that this game turns the genre upside down due to its bizarre approach.

You will be suggested to solve level-manipulation puzzles and collect scattered orbs. The complicity increases as you level up. Every level can boast of its unique decoration with plenty of bright hues. Be ready to change and reshape the world of this game.

A Fisherman's Tale

A Fisherman's Tale game screenshot

Get ready to change the reality in this single-player VR puzzle adventure game. It can bend your mind with its smart but not very complicated tasks. You will navigate Bob, a fisherman puppet, living alone. Once he has to leave its cabin and find itself in a strange world where everything is not what he expects it to be. Be ready to solve rather simple puzzles applying convenient modes.

Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake Hotel game screenshot

Almost all games on this list are a bit bizarre. Here you will spend about three hours solving puzzles in a lovely Rusty Lake Hotel. A lot of events and actions happen in separated rooms. This is a mysterious place, and you should have enough patience to succeed. If you do not mind to play a murder mystery game preparing dwellers for dinner, then we recommend you to try. Be ready to follow the game plan changing every minute here.


Omensight game screenshot

This is a kind of time travel title where you will navigate a skilled warrior named the Harbinger who can travel back in time. There is a land called Urralia, and its future does not look bright and you will rewrite it for the better being able to change the last moments and give the people living there a second chance. We should admit that the narrative structure here has the highest value, while design and combats do not impress that much.

House of Caravan

House of Caravan game screenshot

The game is an endless adventure with tons of sinister secrets and smart puzzles. The events here occur only in a house located in Candlewood, in the early 20th Century. The key character is Mr. Prepper, who is afraid that something can go wrong and wants to be ready for any consequences. You will build an underground shelter, farms, and greenhouses to get enough meals, trade with neighbors, and make a plan for how you can leave this country when there is a danger.

Do not forget that there is the secret police, preventing you from getting prepared because they want to keep you under their control. Life in this city is very tough. If you do not like the way of things, you can just disappear, and nobody will know what has happened to you. Inhabitants should always suit the requirements of this policy to live calm. But your character is ready to disobey and builds an underground shelter. You will help him to do it.


We hope that the above list contains some fresh titles for you, which sounds interesting. If you have any experience playing one of them, please, let us know by leaving your comments here.

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