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In this article, we are going to discuss the biggest Fortnite tournament with $30 million set on stake. There were three different events. Plenty of players participated in World Cup, Duos, and Solos Creative competition. In addition, there was celebrity charity Pro-Am for those who wanted to try their hand. We are going to suggest a kind of review of those events which are really interesting and have left a stunning impression.

Greet a new winner with applause

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Probably, you have already heard that a winner of the World Cup is Bugha. Kyle Giersdorf (his nickname is Bugha) is rather young, no more than 16. So, the age definitely does not matter for this tournament, and if we speak about the top 100 of solos, most of the competitors were teenagers, including the famous King who finished at 13 this time.

Still, Bugha needs to be discussed particularly. He had not been very popular or widely known until he participated in this final. Though in a narrow circle, he was considered as a rather swashbuckling player. Within Worlds week he won the first Solos game and never stopped leading the way playing in six Solos finals. He is really gifted, and it is a pleasure to watch him play. Due to his aggressive style, he got the most kills in the tournament and could make maximum points with extremely low health without any materials. And he did all that with two fast kills without fear. Brilliant. As a result, this teenager is celebrating the winning prize at the amount of $3 million.

Another hero

If you have ever played Fortnite, you probably know that Tfue is considered one of the best players worldwide. He is 21 years old. Being the Fortnite Twitch superstar, he was qualified for the Solos final. But unfortunately, he did not take our breath away. He killed here and there and finished in the middle of the pack. This result did not allow him to become one of the 100 best Solos players in the world. Still, he was good, and that was appreciated by fans. We should say that there were a lot of talents and highly skilled players so that it is not very easy to be the first one especially if you play against bad luck.

Gender issue

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Though we would not bring up the subject concerning gender, it is still difficult to ignore the fact that there were 100 male players in a Solos final. Just imagine! There was no single girl. To be honest, this is not very good. Such a situation reminds us that women are not interested in esports. And developers should pause for thought about it. Perhaps, there must be a kind of motivation for them in particular.

We cannot lay a claim to the organization. The events were arranged without any gender restrictions — everyone can participate in the tournament. Ok, if women were not banned from competing, what was the reason? The key cause for females not to participate is uncordial reception by men who now insist that there were no restrictions. No, ladies are not banned, but they are not welcome. Still, there are plenty of players who prefer mixed teams. We hope that the next event will be more tolerant and inviting for women, and the existing toxicity toward them will be cleaned out across gaming. Don’t get us wrong. We do not speak about Epic only. This problem can be found in a lot of other esports.


In the long run, we would like to say that gender issues were nearly the only disappointment. In general, that was an engrossing event with plenty of talented and skilled participators, with a stunning playing process. If you watch it over the Internet, you will feel the tension of competition. Participators were cool, most of them are well-known in this environment. The audience was very supporting and energetic.

And we would say that this year the tournament was conducted better compared with the previous event. We should highlight the large prize pools and a glorious victory of Bugha being probably one of the biggest performances in esports in the world up to date.

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