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Today, the gaming industry is developing at an incredible speed in all categories and genres, including sports games. It seems that there is no longer such a sports game for which the simulation has not yet been invented. Basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, boxing— choose anything you want. Today we want to share our rating of Sport sim games. 

FIFA 2018

FIFA 2018 game

The game was released in September 2017 by EA Sports. FIFA 2018 PC is one of the most popular games series. Besides the version for the Windows platform, the title is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. This release is number 25 in the FIFA series. As the cover athlete of the regional edition, a football superstar was chosen—Christiano Ronaldo. As you have already understood, the game simulates football. Players can split into teams and play against each other in the multiplayer mode. FIFA 2018 edition features 52 famous stadiums from 12 countries.  

Eastside Hockey Manager

Eastside Hockey Manager screenshot

Sportsmen are not the only people involved in the sports industry. There are other key figures, including sports agents. EastsideHockey Manager simulates their work. It was developed by the British company SI Games, and published by Sega in December 2015. In the game, each player manages an ice hockey team. There are more than 30 different playable leagues used in the game. Unfortunately, the developers do not have any agreements or official licenses with the leagues, excluding the British Elite Ice Hockey League, therefore, all the teams, leagues, and players are fictional. 

Baseball Mogul 2019

Baseball Mogul 2019 screenshot

Baseball Mogul is one of the oldest PC sport games. The first release was published in 1997. Since then, 22 games have already been released, the last of which was published in April this year — Baseball Mogul 2019. The gameplay has not changed since 2007. Players assume the role of the owner, manager, or general manager. You will set up batting lineups, sell tickets, and make trades. Also, there is a multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends. In spite of the game being pretty old, every several months the developers release updates. Unfortunately, you can play the game only on the Windows platforms. 

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf screenshot

Draft Day Sports is a series of different sport games such as Football, Basketball, and Golf. The last one was published in the summer of 2018. All games were developed and released by Wolverine Studios. Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf has 6 in-built tournaments, and you need to choose one of them to become the best player. Each of the tours provides you with their own unique systems, challenges, and players. You start as a beginner. But as you progress, you master your playing and enter the more professional tournaments. The game is not free of charge, but the price is under $10. If you want, you can buy additional packages and bundles. 

MMA Simulator (Version 1)

MMA Simulator screenshot

There is a game for all martial arts lovers. In MMA Simulator, you need to train fighters, develop their skills, take part in different tournaments, and manage a real MMA gym! You need to find the best location for it, expand in size, and buy the equipment. Users can create fighters of different kinds, including striker, submission artist, or grappler. The game is highly customizable. There are three characteristics you can train, five martial art disciplines, and 26 sub-skills. MMA Simulator features battles like in real life. It can go anywhere: Standing, Clinch, and Ground. Pay attention to your positioning and other important details. 

Cricket Coach 2014

Cricket Coach 2014 screenshot

Cricket Coach 2014 is a detailed cricket simulation game. With each release, the developers change and update the information about the existing players, teams, and leagues. It is available to play on Windows Microsoft and Apple Mac. One of the main advantages of the game is its realistic match engine. The developers invested more than 15 years in making it as perfect as possible. Besides this, Cricket Coach 2014 has a large database of players with their real statistics and detailed strategy options. You can play Day or Night matches. 

Digital Diamond Baseball

Digital Diamond Baseball screen

Digital Diamond Baseball was developed for macOS and Microsoft Windows platforms. It is a baseball simulator game where players take part in different tournaments and challenges. You can choose to play the individual game, series, or even the entire season. The last one is the hardest. Users can play any of the famous baseball stars. Digital Diamond Baseball is a fully feature-packed game that offers users the following options:

  • Real-life transactions;
  • As-played lineups;
  • Advanced manager profiles;
  • ‘Card & Dice’ mode;
  • The ability for the customizations. 

Fast Break Pro Basketball 3

Fast Break Pro Basketball 3 screen

Do you like basketball? Want to try to play? There is no secret that today you can find PC sports games download option for all sports. Obviously, basketball is not an exception. We advise you to try Fast Break Pro Basketball 3. The game has an updated historical database of famous players, including even sportsmen from 1946 season. Users can import draft classes from the previous releases such as Fast Break College Basketball or Fast Break College Basketball 2010, or play the in-built classes. They can be fictional as well as historical. Also, we liked the wide range of customization options that Fast Break Pro Basketball 3 has. 

Hockey Universe 2015

Hockey Universe 2015 screen

Hockey Universe 2015 will take you in the North American league where you assume the role of hockey manager. Players face all the problems and difficulties related to this profession, such as conducting public relations, picking sportsmen and coaches, and much more. The game has a lot of features and options that are well-organized. Moreover, to improve the hockey players’ abilities, you can send them to a special train camp — Rookie. Open the world of professional hockey for yourself with Hockey Universe 2015. 

Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Pro Cycling Manager 2016 screenshot

As in Hockey Universe 2015, you assume the role of manager. The difference is that you control not a hockey but cycling team. The aim of the game is to take the first place in a 2016 cycling season. But before this, you need to win 200 popular events, including Tour de France 2016 and La Vuelta. The main task of the manager is to control every aspect of the sportsmen’s life: managing staff, creating the calendar of tournaments, negotiating with sponsors, and so on. 

Sports Simulator Game: Which One Will You Choose?

There was our rating of the most popular and famous sports simulation games. Which one do you like the most? Share with us in the comments below. Also, write your favorite sports games that we did not mention in this rating.

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