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Amazing Frog? Review

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Amazing Frog Review

Enter the Swindon town and play as a frog. Undertake lots of fun activities such as driving a car, shooting, boat ride, riding on a pig and much more.

Graphics: 4

There is not much to comment on the graphics. They seem simple and are quite decent. There is no high-end graphics as such but everything has been crafted meticulously. Be it the practice area, beach or the countryside, they boast of a simple design. However, the simple design has its own advantage. There is no clutter on the interface which makes the gaming experience easy and hassle-free.

Gameplay: 5

‘Amazing Frog?’ is known for its sandbox gameplay where you can do whatever you want in the Swindon Town. The game starts in a hideout where you can either move ahead all alone or simply split the screen with your friends. Once you set your foot inside the town, you can drive cars, buses, scooters and various other vehicles. Further, there are other crazy stuff that you can undertake. For instance, you can jump on the trampoline, fire yourself out of cannons, etc.

The Swindon Town also boasts of certain attractions. You can visit the local art gallery to marvel at some of the elegant artistic pieces. You can even visit the countryside to rejoice a ride on pigs. If you are all frustrated and feeling angry, find crossbows, lasers, etc. and roam around the city killing others.

The game is also compatible with your VR headset. Thus, to take the madness to altogether a new level, gear up yourself with you VR headset.

Controls: 5

The controls of the game are quite tricky. It takes a couple of hit and trial error to figure out what key does what. However, there is something that most of the gamers miss. There is an entire list of the controls that one can find in the hideout area. Also, one can control the game with a third party controller. Apart from moving the frog with arrow or WASD keys, there are keys to control the shooting, sprinting, driving, jumping, etc.

Replay Value: 4.5

The game – Amazing Frog? – has quite a low replay value. There is nothing much to do in the game and gamers enter the boredom quite soon. However, there are certain areas of the town and certain elements that stay locked. In order to unlock them, the player has to complete certain challenges and tasks. The unlocking tasks are some of the things that hold the player for some more time.


‘Amazing Frog?’ is one such game that is highly recommended to all those with an ‘evilish’ mind. As a frog, you can undertake a plenty of activities that have a lot of fun, adventure, and thrill. Roam freely in the entire town with a crossbow or any other weapon and destroy whatever comes into your way. Drive cars madly, ride on pigs or just team up with three more players to take the chaos to the next level.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4.5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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