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JazzPunk: Director’s Cut Review: Great Comic Adventure

JazzPunk: Director’s Cut is a 3D comic adventure game by Necrophone Games. The action takes place in the Cold War World, where corporate spies and cyber villains are everywhere. Gear up with weird gadgets and explore the open world. You can download JazzPunk: Director’s Cut for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

Graphics: 4.5

JazzPunk: Director’s Cut game visuals strongly emphasize the absurdity of everything that happens around. Blue trees? Why not? All characters look like designers were inspired by plates from public restrooms. Simple textures, together with perfectly proportional surroundings and bright comic colors, create a mad atmosphere. Developers manage to surprise you with various funny collages on faces of characters and hallucinated room transformations.

Gameplay: 5

JazzPunk: Director’s Cut gameplay is not like in any other game. You have to explore the open world, interact with passers-by, and solve dozens of comic quests. Almost everyone you meet on the streets of Cold War World has a good gag to tell you, so the universe feels very lively. You’re also free to explore the world at your very own pace and do anything. You can visit the cinema and watch real strange movies or play mini-games like Frogger, Mini-golf, and a weird version of a duck hunt in which you shoot ducks with toasts from a toaster.

You play a secret agent Polyblank, who has to complete different nonsensical missions like smuggling pigeons, steal artificial kidneys, kill pigs with ukulele, escape from resort simulation, and many strange things.

Controls: 5

JazzPunk: Director’s Cut PC version is controlled with standard WASD for walking and a mouse for turning around and fighting. The console version is well-optimized for gamepad input. For this JazzPunk: Director’s Cut review we tried to connect a gamepad to the PC, and it worked out as well.

Replay Value: 4.5

JazzPunk: Director’s Cut full game walkthrough may take you from 1 to 2 hours. The Director’s Cut version is slightly longer than the original Jazzpunk, so there is sense to play it even if you’ve already completed the first game. JazzPunk: Director’s Cut quest game is worth at least a single walkthrough due to numerous hilarious gags, and unique atmosphere of absurdity.

The Bottom Line

It’s one of the worthies humoristic quests of the last decade. You’re going to remember these hilarious 2 hours forever. Jazzpunk is an essence of quality absurdism, culture references to movies and other games. High ranks on Steam and other platforms speak for themselves. JazzPunk: Director’s Cut is recommended to everyone who enjoyed Portal, The Stanley Parable, and Postal. JazzPunk: Director’s Cut costs $14.99 for all platforms.

  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4.5
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • You just can't miss this game! You just can't miss this game!

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