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Wheely Review - Many Adventures of Silly Wheely

Wheely is a game, starring the cute red car, which has to participate in various adventures using his creativity and wits. It's been designed for children and stimulates the development of cognitive skills, along with providing a decent fun time. Download Wheely to know if he finds a way out of another tricky situation.

Graphics: 5

Wheely is very colorful, sunny and happy. At least that's the signal your brains get, from scanning its visual palette. There's a lot of sun, warmth and innocent mirth put into the visuals.

It depicts a universe, entirely populated by cars. And every single one of them has a pair of big eyes, reminiscent to those that Disney's Cars have. Depending on the current situation, they can adorably express excitement, surprise, grumpiness, fear, etc.

The animations and physics are solid and responsive. Form the technical point of view, it's a pretty respectable game. Although Wheely and his other four-wheeled tribesmen tend to show a degree of wobbliness when falling from height or bumping into each other.

All this cuteness is escorted by a sunny music theme, woven of guitar, celesta, music box, and piano sounds. Although it does have happy undertones that remind you of careless summer days back in the 1st grade, it repeats over and over again.

Gameplay: 5

Most of the time Wheely will have to deal with barriers, which will block his way to a little red flag. That's where the player should use all the creativity, observation skills and focus of attention they only have.

Regularly it's a puzzle, in which Wheely has to avoid getting beaten by two angry SUVs, use a rocket to get over a gap, fix the pipes at the gas station or fetch some gasoline for one of his pals. At some point, Wheely apparently gets kidnapped and tries a new role of an escape artist.

The puzzles and situations vary in difficulty, with some being actually not that easy, but still crackable by a child. The difficulty increases gradually and there are always hints, kindly provided by the game. So getting hopelessly stuck isn't much of a worry in Wheely.

Controls: 5

Controls are decent and don't cause many problems. Sometimes Wheely feels a little bit clumsy, especially after falling down from the roof. But as soon as the wobbliness fades away, he regains his original responsiveness.

Replay Value: 4.5

This Wheely review believes that the game does have a decent replay value, even though it costs merely $1.99. Odds are your child will quickly remember how to solve each puzzle in Wheely's adventures. But it's still entertaining to help the little four-wheeled buddy to make his way through those wacky incidents.

The Bottom Line

This title is a cute and innocent game that features only a glimpse of the ultra-light violence: Wheely can fall down a pit filled with acid, get bumped by an aggressive car and earn a black-eye as a result etc. But all those little adventures are adorable to watch. Plus solving the puzzles does help develop abstract thinking, logic, imagination and other cognitive abilities.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4.5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game

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