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Family Feud Decades Review - TV Families Are Back

Family Feud Decades is an adaptation of the famous TV show. You must guess a word, which is an answer to a trivia question, travel from one epoch to another, unlock cosmetic upgrades and just have fun with your family, sharing the game via multiplayer. Download Family Feud Decades to win the legendary game show!

Graphics: 3.5

Family Feud has rather basic and laconic graphics. We see a simple studio setup, craved from a piece of plastic. Such a 3D, dollhouse-like art style greatly reminds of Sims series. At the same time, game aspires to look vintage, mimicking visual details intrinsic to each epoch it takes us back to: 70's, 80's, 90's, etc.

Although a couple of elements, which could've punctuated the retro-vibe of FFD, are still missing. Like the old style of studio lighting, archaic camera filters, light flickering, etc. At least the TV studio atmosphere has been preserved: as you begin playing, upbeat fanfares greet you and your virtual family, while the studio literally gets drowned in the flaring colorful lights. And the crowd noise is next to thundering.

Gameplay: 4

Just like in its TV-analogue, FFD is quite simple. There's a repertoire of trivia questions, answers to which you must guess. BUT the answers aren't conventional - they have been proposed by the regular people during the surveys. So be ready to rely upon your intuition, wits and sense of humor.

When it's time to answer, an on-screen QWERT/ABSDEF keyboard appears. And if you type two correct letters that a possible answer begins with, it gets automatically added to the predicted answers. Which undermines the game's flow a bit: you can always guess the right answer, because if the letters weren't correct, it wouldn't simply pop up.

Family Feud has multiplayer, but no online co-op. Which means you can share it only with someone who's inside the same room as you. Or you may play with AI. As an additional tasty bonus, you can unlock extra-clothing items. Moreover, your progress and victories get registered, so you can enjoy staying on top of the in-game leaderboard, if your guessing skills are that sharp.

This Family Feud Decades review recommends to stick to the Medium difficulty. The Easy is way too primitive, and Hard rarely gives you a chance to overthrow AI.

Controls: 4

At times they feel clumsy, due to moderate unresponsiveness. However menus and options are well-organized in FFD, so you won't get lost while navigating.

Replay Value: 4

You can return to FFD to share the game with someone. It's not meant to be played solo, as it seems. However online multiplayer would've been a marvelous addition to all the trivia game fans.

The Bottom Line

Family Feud Decades is a nice nostalgic game, that brings memories and new impressions. Depending on when you were born, of course. It's pretty enjoyable, when you share it with a buddy or your family and it can be a fun and refreshing competition to partake in. 

  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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