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Sniper Elite 4

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Sniper Elite 4 Review: Best Sniper Simulator So Far

Sniper Elite 4 is a 3rd person tactical shooter game with a strong stealth slant. You play as Karl Fairburne, the elite sniper who is sent to Italy of 1943 to kill the Nazi General Tobias Schmidt. Use a binocular to examine massive terrains and eliminate enemies without being detected. You can download Sniper Elite 4 for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

Graphics: 5

Sniper Elite 4 game presents a high quality of visuals with advanced dynamic lighting and shading algorithms. The physical engine allows you to interact with the environment to make ambushes and hide from enemies after being detected. The X-Ray system looks absolutely gorgeous as it allows you to see how bullets crush enemy skulls in slow motion.

Gameplay: 4.5

Sniper Elite 4 gameplay is based on classic guidelines of 3rd-person tactical stealth shooters like Metal Gear Solid, and Splinter Cell. You can either try to kill enemies from long distance to remain undetected or come close and give out your position. In the first case, every time you hit the target, the game shows short slow-motion cutscenes of how a bullet smashes skulls, breaks bones, and tears organs.

Sniper Elite 4 latest version also introduced X-Ray scenes for shrapnel kills and melee attacks. Now, the hand-to-hand and knife combat looks impressive. You can see how every punch and cut breaks jaws, tendons, muscles, and organs. Everything is anatomically precise, and hits are randomized, so it’s very exciting to watch how the system would work every next time.

The plot of Sniper Elite 4 action game tells about a fictional event of WWII. American intelligence service decides to react the rumors about a new powerful weapon that Nazis constructed on Italian San Celini island. The first campaign failed to reach the shores, so the army leaders decided to send their best sniper to break through Nazi defense without being detected.

Controls: 5

Sniper Elite 4 review controls test of versions for PC and consoles showed that both gamepad and keyboard/mouse inputs are perfectly optimized. The game requires precise shooting, and you can use the AI-assist to take account of wind and gravitation.

Replay Value: 5

To pass Sniper Elite 4 full game, you need about 6 hours. After the walkthrough, you may try to complete it on the hardest difficulty or join the competitive multiplayer mode. It allows you to clash with other human players. You can also play this game in cooperative multiplayer.


Sniper Elite 4 is an excellent sniper simulator with intense action combat and physics. It’s a unique shooter in which you can see how bullets, knives, and explosives affect the human body. Advanced artificial intelligence makes enemies really smart and competitive. This game is a masterful merge of 3rd person shooter and tactical stealth action.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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